How much time will you need?
Time-sensitive documents, like press releases, are treated on a priority basis. Small jobs (up to several pages) can usually be processed within a couple of days, whereas larger jobs may take several days or a couple of weeks. We realize that most clients are pushed very to their deadline close when they finally contact us for translating or editing, so it is in your best interest to contact us in advance to secure a block of time. Your availability to answer questions will also be crucial to the timeline.

Who will translate/edit my document?
We strongly believe that someone whose mother tongue is the same as the target language of the document should perform the work or the final verification to ensure the greatest clarity and accuracy.

Do you accept non-technical/scientific work?
Generally not, but it depends on the content and our workload.

I have half a page to translate. Do you accept such small jobs?
Yes, with a one-hour minimum, and they must be paid for upon receipt unless you are an established client. It is possible to set up a running tab if you plan on having several short documents. Press releases are the most common example of small jobs for which we will set up a running tab.

Do I need to send the figures/tables that accompany my article/report?
Highly recommended. For figures, it makes it easier to grasp the meaning of the original text if we have a visual aid, and we can catch errors or ambiguities in the text relating to the description of the figure. For tables, we need to check the title and any text in the table, as well as the numbers to ensure they conform to the target-language standards, such as periods or decimal places and dollar signs before or after the digits.